Mike in Agra, India
(March 2017)

A Minnesotan by way of Missouri, Virginia, and briefly the Philippines.  I recently relocated to my home state and am excited to be back!  Having returned to Lakeville, MN, I am closer to family and friends in the area and look forward to keeping in touch with dear friends (like family) that I have met along my life’s journey.  I’m a very lucky guy.

I’m an avid news junkie and non-fiction is usually my genre of choice for books.  I have had a great career, currently a manager in the financial services industry here in the Twin Cities area.  I’ve had the chance to live in several cities, including a couple months abroad in Manila, a few years ago.  Seeing the world via travel is something I value highly.

I am fortunate to have been able to visit all 50 states.  Multiple vacations to Canada and the Caribbean (Bahamas, US VI, Puerto Rico) have been among my favorites.  In addition, I’ve been to Europe (for fun) and Asia (for business and some fun along the way).  Those travels have taken me from Ireland to Switzerland to France, the Philippines to Sri Lanka to India.  I am just beginning my adventures around the world… so much more to explore!

I purchased this domain over a decade ago, not knowing when or if I would use it, but the time has come to do so!  Its purpose now is to bring together some of my passions into one place.  Here, I will discuss my travels, as well as write about my thoughts on politics and the news.

Also, I’d like to hear from you.

There is so much potential in our society, to improve and to learn.  Discussion among those that differ in opinion is key to our future success as a society.  Without it, we simply get more of the same (turn to CNN or MSNBC or FOX News)… we need something better than this.

Welcome to the site!


Updated: 12/5/2021