11/06/2018: Vote

Mike’s Commentary:

In two days, America has an opportunity to change political course.  Will it?
It should.

In February, I visited Manila, Singapore and Hong Kong… I was reminded of how important our relationships abroad are… that they cannot ever be taken for granted.  That our friends span countries, not only counties.

In March, I joined friends and marched in the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C… We protested gun violence; trying to drive positive change and support common sense gun legislation that a majority of the country agrees with.

In October, gun violence and hate targeted a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, murdering Jewish worshipers; it blasted through a grocery store in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, murdering shoppers.  Bombs filled the mailboxes of political leaders, threatening assassination of former presidents, US Senators and US Representatives, among others.

In recent weeks, political asylum seekers from Central America have been targeted as the enemies of America… People (families) escaping horrid living conditions and political violence.

In the last several years, political rhetoric has hit such a negative level, no one can fully appreciate the degrading effect it has had on our society… This is not normal.

What is our country becoming? 

It’s a twilight Zone moment in our history that is solvable.

In two days, we as Americans have an opportunity to fight hate. To fight lies. To fight incivility. Not with words. Not with signs. Not with Twitter.

With a vote.   

On November 6th, if you haven’t already: Vote.  Please vote for balance.  Please vote for guardrails on our democracy.  Our democracy is more fragile today than it has been in decades, if not a century.  We must vote for an America that matches our values and support our longstanding institutions.

Let’s send a firm and unequivocal message, in two days.

We must, before it is too late.

– Mike

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  1. Great commentary Mike While there may in truth that there are criminals taking advantage of the march toward the US by hiding among the ones that are fleeing violence.
    We need to become aware as well with the white male with a supremacist attitude and a gun. They live among us already.

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