A Strong Middle Class = A Strong Nation

I know I haven’t written in a while, but I wanted to take a little break.  Wow, what a few weeks it has been!  Politically, a lot has occurred… A Democrat (Doug Jones) wins an open Alabama Senate election.  ALABAMA!  He wins by 1.5 percentage points in one of the most Republican states in the United States of America.  That is something.  Not fake news, and not something to overlook.  I’m still thinking: Wow.

I have a lot to say about these last few weeks (politically), but I’d prefer to say this simple message as we start (or have started) to celebrate some major holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.)

Folks, as neighbors we are more alike than we are different.  Our educators, first responders, and civil servants deserve praise for what they do each and every day (and require proper funding).  The poor and elderly deserve our continued focus, as a society.  Our country is strong.  No matter where you stand politically, let’s focus on what is most important: Ensuring that every American has the basics: (shelter/clothes, food, healthcare… dignity).  Whatever else there is, it’s mostly immaterial.  No one in a country this wealthy should be without the “Top 4” as listed above.  No one.  Instead, the focus in Washington DC appears to be on tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans (and businesses), along with some tax relief for many others (including me) and an end result that leads to millions without healthcare, that have it now… and will lead to deficit spending that my generation pays for.  Am I really getting a tax break in the long run?  Is the Middle Class really benefiting from the proposed bill? Probably not.  What about our educators, first responders, civil servants, poor and elderly?  We cannot cut taxes like the current bill proposes, without cutting budgets, in the long run.  Let’s keep that in mind.

Keep the eye on the ball folks: A Strong Middle Class = A Strong Nation.  As the country diverges from that basic principle, so does that basic formula of success.  The current proposed tax bill will weaken the Middle Class.  We will eventually fail as a country unless we always focus on what is logical and right and VOTE.  This tax bill still doesn’t cut it.

– Mike