A Turning Point?

Senator Jeff Flake, a Republican from Arizona, set a new tone for the country this week. A tone that reinforced opposition to our nation’s leader and all of the bullying, negativity and recklessness. All happening while appreciating that this is a red-state Republican speaking out within a Republican-led national government (in all its branches). A majority of Americans do not approve of so many of the tweets or the speeches or the actions witnessed over the last 10 months as is clearly indicated by poll after poll after poll. Senator Flake simply added an exclamation point to the majority’s feelings this week… and it felt great to see… even if for a moment. I likely would not have voted for Senator Flake if I had the chance; this week I wish his voice would be around a bit longer than 2018… in opposition to the nasty politics we’ve seen recently. We need more folks like him willing to say it how it is, respectfully. To call out our values that are in-line with how we were raised as a common “American Family”. I may not agree with your politics, but I respect you. We are all in this together. Looking back at this week, I wonder if we’ve finally reached a turning point and are creating a more powerful counter-balance to the current national political scene we’ve almost become accustomed to. I hope so. No matter where one stands, politically.