Another Awful Night

A week of awful terror… book-ended by New York City, New York and Sutherland Springs, Texas (outside of San Antonio).  Though the NYC attack wasn’t a gun-related crime, it was terror.  Gun-terror struck again tonight, in the most sacred of places.

From a gun perspective: Where did that bipartisan discussion go on banning bump stocks after the attack in Las Vegas, Nevada?  I thought we as a country would finally break the politically-resistant wall and limit sales of an instrument of horror.  I guess not.

Gun violence in America continues to = more of the same, politically.  I will say this again and again: How can we do NOTHING at the federal-level to attempt to prevent these awful attacks.  Our politicians owe us solutions.  NOT more of the same.  We are not powerless, yet our politicians act like they are.  Unacceptable.  They are not.

I’d like to send my thoughts and prayers to the victims, and the families and the friends of those lost tonight.

I will be voting in Virginia on Tuesday.  If you have local elections on Tuesday, I urge you strongly to vote, too.