Resolve, in a time of great challenge, defines us and leads us through difficult times.

It has been months since I last posted to this blog.  The events of the last few weeks have prompted me to write.  Write to reinforce the message that we are all in this together during what is such a challenging time.

Last Weekend

Early last week, I was invited to a house party that would likely have less than 10 people in attendance.  This was in response to the local Shamrock The Block St. Patrick’s Day celebration being postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak that has spread across the planet and is striking close to home.  An important decision.  The right decision.  Though, a hard one given the fun that publicly celebrating my Irish heritage brings. 

Attending even a small house party did not come without anxiousness.  In the midst of Coronavirus, I went to Total Wine and Publix to pick-up a few items to bring to the small gathering:  Guinness and dessert!  All of the stories of packed stores, lines out the door were seemingly “fake news” on that Saturday.  Total Wine had full shelves and hardly anyone in the store.  Publix had a parking lot scant of cars… no toilet paper and no paper towels… but there was Kleenex and plenty of desserts!  Passing by Costco, the parking lot looked less than half-full… on a Saturday…  Wow.

Attending the house party was awesome (celebrating St. Patrick’s Day)!  We practiced “social distancing” and the hosts kept that place “Clorox Clean”.  The impact of Coronavirus, though, has seeped so deep into our social thought process that it dominated our conversations.  Travel changed or canceled.  Seemingly mundane plans rearranged or postponed.  Examples of a society literally responding to a threat, resigned to a threat, and moving on from the threat – all at the same time.  This is a jarring situation.  It is a time to take stock in our families, our friends and our colleagues; enjoy the valuable time we have with each other.  We also have to remember to be good and generous neighbors.  We are all in this together.

Politics and a Presidency

The last month in politics has been quite incredible.  Looking at the Democratic primary, Joe Biden is positioned to win the Democratic nomination after a string of wins across the country.  Winning primaries coast to coast… but most importantly, South Carolina, fundamentally altered the race.  Though I would vote for anyone on the Democratic side, Biden is my preferred candidate.  A moderate that can deliver results in the places the party needs to win in November.  Steadfast and kind.  That’s how I’d like to classify Joe Biden.  He’ll build on Obama’s successes and work across the aisle for bipartisan solutions.

President Trump has failed in the last three months as Coronavirus has spread from China.  He deserves a “F” in the way he has managed the crisis, up until last Friday (which now deserves a “C” at best)… as one article stated: How Trump may have flattened the political curve of coronavirus.  Even though this president regularly states, “America first!”, he put America and by extension the world at higher risk because of inaction.  Travel bans look great on paper… No epidemiologist would state that the sole action of banning travel from China was effective enough.  Even though I am deeply disappointed by the actions and the speeches and the “downplaying of Coronavirus (fake news)” spewed by those in the right-wing media, I am happy to see the President take actions during the last week that can start to turn this fight around and really “win”.

The Days and Weeks to Come

The headlines lately could have been taken straight out of a novel or TV series on your favorite streaming service:  Markets in negative territory, schools closed across the country, quarantine zone in New Rochelle, NY.  The scary part is that this is real, not fake news, and is making a significant impact on our daily lives.

Though, during my errands these last few days… and during the house party I attended celebrating St. Patrick’s Day… there was calm.  We have access to the information (CDC) that can help you make the important decisions necessary to get through this.

Above all else, please remember:  We are all in this, together.  Help one another when needed.  Our collective resolve is powerful.

Resolve, in a time of great challenge, defines us and leads us through difficult times.

– Mike

PS – As I was writing this post at 12:55am ET last Sunday (3/15/2020) … the fire alarm goes off in my apartment building…  people and families of all stripes, in PJs (including myself…topped off with a wool coat), waiting to get the “all clear”.  The first responders (fire department) were quick and did a great job.  Another reminder that we are literally all in this, together.

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  1. Very moving read. It resonated with me more then you know.

    Please continue to share your thoughts and views. I look forward to your next one.

    Stay safe.

  2. Hello Mike
    Point well said. Thanks for the advice and information. Yes we are all in this together. Hope everything went ok with the fire alarm. Can’t wait to the next post.

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