Sexual Assault: Bigger Than Party. Not Acceptable.

Folks, the last few weeks have been dizzying.  From Harvey Weinstein to Kevin Spacey to Roy Moore to Al Franken.  All of the sexual assault allegations that are sweeping across both the political and entertainment worlds have given me a lot to think about.  This past weekend I had the chance to talk to some close friends, of which I heard a consensus on two points:

  1. Sexual assault is wrong and unacceptable!
  2. Why didn’t these victims speak-up sooner?

We’ve already seen the ramifications of victims coming forward: Careers ended.

I have to say that it has been jarring to see men in positions of power being “taken down” with such ease; simply by someone or many, coming forward… detailing awful acts.  Too bad.

In all of these cases, if these allegations had come out before elected office, before acting jobs, before big Hollywood films… it is likely none would have enjoyed the success that they have had.

That they lose what they have today, as their victims have suffered, is of little consequence.

Today, a senator that I agree with on just about every political position… from my beloved home state of Minnesota… Al Franken (Democrat), was accused of sexual assault.  He apologized, genuinely.  He must resign.  There is no room for sexual assault; I do not care what political party you come from.  A United States Senator requires the utmost moral and ethical standing.  Senator Franken lost this pivotal qualifier today.

Judge Roy Moore in Alabama (Republican): Do NOT even get me started.  No way.  Non-starter.  No U.S. Senate for you.

Folks, a clear message needs to be reinforced.  A message above politics; above convenience.  Wrong is wrong.  This type of behavior is wrong.

This message starts at the top.  Even if it doesn’t.

Victims: Continue to speak up!

– Mike

2 thoughts on “Sexual Assault: Bigger Than Party. Not Acceptable.”

  1. Yes I totally agree with you. In the Franken case he DOES need to step down. It is irrelevant whether you support him as a politician or not…..He needs to resign to save taxpayers money that would be spent on an investigation. One consolation to the people of Minnesota is that he is not a native Minnesotan but a transplanted one.

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