I know you can do this… In your own way:

21 days ago, I woke up on a Sunday morning and decided that I needed to be healthier.  It was 5:30am, on a Sunday, and I thought to myself: “get-up, and do this.”.  No exclamation points (way too early in the morning for me), but just an urge to start a change.  A change that was simply walking 45 minutes (and 10,000 steps) a day.

The Change.

Folks, I’m not one that wakes up early.  I’m not one to exercise on a regular basis.  I needed to change.  At 186 pounds (21 days ago) at a height of 5’ 8.5”, and recently celebrating my 36th birthday, I had to add activity to my life and make slight adjustments to my diet.  Nothing big and nothing that was too challenging.

The Diet Change.

Breakfast: I love eggs!  So I decided to purchase hard boiled eggs from Costco (140 calories for two eggs) instead of using oil to prepare… added a V8 drink (between 40-60 calories), a fresh banana or applesauce (~80 calories), and a coffee (50 calories) … (~300-400 calories total).

Lunch: This is more of a light snack for me now… A can of sparkling water (0 calories), a bottle of water (16.9 oz), a low-sodium V8 (~50 calories), organic string cheese (~80 calories), and a serving of unsalted raw hazelnuts (180 calories, ¼ cup)… I found a great deal at Costco on the nuts. (~300-400 calories total)

Dinner: 700-1000 calories, depending on the day…  I fluctuate between a ham/cheese sub from Publix, a burrito bowl with extra chicken from Chipotle, 5/6 a pizza from Blaze with pepperoni, meatballs and bacon as toppings… among other takeout choices… one can find a balanced meal to-go with a little research.

The key on the above was to cut out the cooking oils and bread in the AM, work in extra vegetables which means V8 (for me), which is my savior! (look for low-sodium and low-calorie options)

I do enjoy red wine, still, though in moderation.

The Walking.

I’m lucky to live in an area that has walking trails, so it’s about time I use them!  I walk around a pond (about .5-mile circumference) each day, 4 times.  This gets me to about 2.5+ miles of walking in roughly 45 minutes.  Folks… the 45 minutes goes by so fast!

The Time Walking.

I listen to CNN on the SiriusXM app or Audible… even chat with friends… CNN catches me up on the day’s news before 75% of America is awake… this is great!

This is easy… just do it!

Type I Diabetes.

Not sure everyone knows this, but about 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (juvenile diabetes by genetics, though I was diagnosed as an adult).  My A1c (average glucose level) has improved over the years, but the improvement has not been good enough… so exercise, walking, aims to give an assist to my effort to improve.  Since starting walking, I have noticed not only a decrease in average blood sugar levels, but more stability in my readings.  This is a golden result.  Walking = lower average blood sugar (for me).

Tip: I do drink a V8 prior to walking in order to mitigate a possible drop in blood sugar caused by the exercise.  Also, bring a couple glucose tabs along the way, just in case.

The Mind.

Wow.  What a difference walking has contributed to the mindset of my daily life.  It is stunning the impact it has had… on my drive to reinforce positive change.  It is literally a breath of fresh air for my lungs, my mind and my heart.

The Results.

Since starting 21 days ago, I’ve averaged 11,592 steps/day… I’ve lost about 6 pounds (now averaging between 179-181 pounds).  That’s about 2 pounds/week.

Looking Ahead.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress… I know its important to show progress and to discuss challenges.  Here we go!  This is my new normal!

You Can Do This. Do “YOU”.

The message above is my story and I hope you create your own path.  What works for me in my new routines may not work for you… the message is: Do you.  Make your own plan, in your own way, and make it work for you.  So far, my plan (for me) is working wonders!  Do. You. (just make sure you are “doing!!!”.😊

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